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We’re Related!?! Our 23andMe Test Results (Beauty Break)

We’re Related!?! Our 23andMe Test Results (Beauty Break)

WHO ARE WE? WHERE DO WE COME FROM?? We’re taking you on our 23andMe journey – from spit collection to final results!

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Last week’s episode – Top 5 Moments of 2017! ►► https://youtu.be/rxkmf-7ebcU

We invited Drew & Sinead to Beauty Break to take the “23andMe” ancestry & genealogy test (in case you are wondering – Joslyn had already done the test and we wanted authentic reactions to these results!)

Three months (and, like, 2-3 Lily hairstyles) later, we have the results and are ready to share them with you!!!

Learn everything from what nationalities make up our family tree, to who is most likely to be lactose intolerant, to who is actually part-ALIEN!!

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20 thoughts on “We’re Related!?! Our 23andMe Test Results (Beauty Break)

  1. I have a question? I did not get mine back yet but did you guys do the survey online? It asks a bunch of questions like hair and eye color.. aren’t they basing it off that!? If so that sucks.

  2. Whoever reads this comment please let me know if I’m wrong,

    I dislike this video so much and I’m going to explain why

    They’re about to figure out what makes them who they are and they’re acting fake as hell about it. The black girl like she’s nothing

    On the black girl sits in Takes and goes along with their passive aggressive jokes. There’s nothing about this video the screens out comedic if anything it’s a dramatic people are trying to figure out who they are where they come from.
    Lastly the results told me to tell you exactly what part of Africa your from. I don’t understand why this is the first video that comes up after searching 23 and me I’m completely disappointed

  3. Holy shit. I’m not gonna lie I don’t watch their videos on a daily basis, I watch them when I feel like it I guess. But I’ve never realized that Drew is fking hilarious, honestly I think she’s that funniest out of everyone on camera in clevver.

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