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  1. Interesting, but what was your haplogroup? Was it H or U by any chance? You can do further dna analysis with studies available on gedmatch if you download your raw data file and upload it there

  2. You are very beautiful, with fair skin. My results included 6% West African. Everyone thought my great grandmother was full Native American. I felt otherwise and was right. She had both mixed grandparents making it seem as if there was a full West African closer than there actually was. We descended from slavery. My distant great grandfather was an Irish slave owner, meaning my distant great grandmother was a slave.

  3. Nice video! I´d recommend now trying 24Genetics (www.24genetics.com) ancestry test with 23andme raw data. It is the most complete in world regions that I have seen with more than 400 of them. They are pretty trustable

  4. Next time you want to wrap your mind around how fucked America was 200 years ago, consider that this girl would have been a slave due to her one drop of African blood.

  5. 98.1% European
    94.6% Northwestern European
    47.6% British and Irish
    23.6% French and German
    6.1% Scandinavian
    1.5% Finnish
    15.9% Broadly Northwestern European
    2.5% Southern European
    2.4% Iberian
    <.1%Broadly Southern European
    0.2% Ashkenazi Jewish
    0.8% Broadly European
    0.7% Sub-Saharan African
    0.7% West African
    0.6% Native American

  6. Awesome video and before you said anything about being part African, I was going to say you had some black in you because of your lips. (I am very mixed myself, so know some tell tale signs). 100% Caucasian people definitely do not have such beautifully full lips. Anyway, you are super gorgeous, so embrace everything that makes you, you.

  7. Still waiting on my results. Submitted my result Jan 2nd, they received it Jan 21 and extracted my dna Feb 21. Do you know how long your results took after the dna extraction? I’m getting impatient/anxious. Btw great video, short and straight to the point!

  8. Wondering how you got the timeline of ancestors part? I took the test but when I look at the history of possible ancestors it only goes by generation and nothing with any possible dates on it.

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