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Our DNA Test Results! | The LAB

Our DNA Test Results! | The LAB

We were quite surprised by some of our traits!
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The LAB is our series where we take your questions and turn them into experiments! Is there something you want us to try next? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram and Twitter. Who knows, your idea may become our next episode!

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Produced by: Gregory Brown, Mitchell Moffit, Rachel Salt

Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot


32 thoughts on “Our DNA Test Results! | The LAB

  1. I knew it!!!! When I first saw Mitch I thought he had some Indian looks going on about him. They were not pronounced, but they were there. I feel glad that I wasn't mistaken. ??

  2. "You're a bit Korean!!! That's why you like Korean food!!!!!" "I'm gonna get a Siberian husky based on that one Yakut person who made it into my lineage in 1732" this reminds me of this one girl I knew who discovered she was like 0.2% Jewish and started using Hebrew and Yiddish words and calling herself a kike like what in white people nation

  3. Your new test lumped 5000km of various ethnicities From Morocco on the Atlantic to the Gulf and the Indian ocean into one group…it's ridiculously misleading
    Anyone from the middle east, North Africa, Mediterranean, west Asia should avoid 23 and me

  4. Regarding DNA irregularities in siblings.
    It all depends upon the drip upon exit. One drip yes, 2 drips probably, 3 or more, unlikely, as the essence is incomplete as it attempts to crawl back in, thus weakening the potency.
    This is the reason they would always count fingers and toes. If born with 6 fingers than the potency was very strong and needed to be diluted before blastoff. Dilution is achieved in two ways, one is to have at least 2 drips upon exit, the other is to drink 150% moonshine during a full moon w/ much howling. There is one documented case that one drip had such potency it was able to crawl next door and impregnate the neighbor.

  5. Nice video guys! If you're interested in your genetics I would get tested at Ancestry.com, they have over double the dna database of any other company. Would love to see a video on it if you get tested through them.

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