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Thanks to AncestryDNA for sponsoring this video! Discover details about your unique family history. Go to http://www.ancestry.com/bencole to receive a special offer!
I’m a great fan of Ancestry products and was happy to submit my DNA sample for checking! This is a fun video with a bit of help from a Pizza and with funforlouis to check my results against his.
More diverse videos will be appearing too!”


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  1. You have to remember that Western Europeans didn't just come to Britain from France. Although the French are counted as such, Western Europeans would also include Anglo-Saxons and such peoples who migrated to Britannia in the 4th and 5th centuries.

  2. My results are 45.2% Scandinavian
    17.4% Irish and Scottish
    9.0% French
    19.8% broadly north Western European
    5,5% Eastern European
    0.5% Balkan
    0.6% broadly Southern European
    1.9% broadly European
    0.1% unassigned

  3. I'm not sure how diverse my pizza would be, but I can tell you, mine is never left to cool off like yours, I always eat my pizza hot and right away!

  4. Great DNA results video! Thanks for sharing it! I wanted to share a few thoughts for you to consider. Each parent gives 50% of their DNA to their children, but each child inherits a different 50% of their DNA (there is some overlap of course). That means that while your son has 50% of your DNA, it won't be an even 50%. In other words, if you're 50% ____, your son may only inherit 10% of that, but 40% of the remaining. Also, ethnicity for those of UK ancestry is difficult because of the history of the UK. Western Europe DNA is high usually because of Anglo-Saxon AND Norman conquest. Irish will be high for those from Wales and Scotland. Many Brits also have a percentage of Scandinavian because of the Vikings (which Normans also share DNA with). So, often our DNA ethnicity estimate can reflect much deeper origins ie. Anglo-Saxon and Norman invasions as well as more recent immigration. PS. Where in the UK were you raised? I'm a bit of a linguistic nerd (in addition to genealogy) so I noticed you say a few words pretty distinctively: about, out, here, DNA, discount, now, know, thousands, peninsula.

  5. I would love to see more about your family history! Maybe some stories that you have uncovered? Talk about interesting family members? Possibly even show your tree? I find it facinating and youve clearly done your research! A great video

  6. Nice video but I don't understand. You're 41% great Britain but your son is only 4%. He should have at least 20.5%. I don't think these companies have perfected this yet. LOL

  7. I've been researching my ancestry on their site for about 5 years now, and sent away for the DNA results about a month ago, coincidentally and I can't wait to get the results! I find this kind of stuff endlessly fascinating!

    I got an email from a relative in Scotland a few years ago, and we connected, sending packages of info to each other… turns out we share a common great great grandfather and I was able to connect her to the only remaining living person who knew him in person, my grandmother, who is 94 years old. Turns out this relatives mother and uncle were an illegitimate branch of the family and had been dropped off at an orphanage when they were very young, then their parents went on to marry other people and have other children… The story gets crazier though… our great great grandpa abandoned his legal wife and 7 legitimate children, ran away to Canada (where I'm from) with his housekeeper. I found evidence on the ancestry website that he lied and put on the passage documents and later a marriage certificate that he was a widow…. making him a bigamist… Even stranger, I then realized that a family Bible that was left to me when my mom died was a gift from my great great grandpa's new wife to my grandma, and it's inscribed with her signature… I had always assumed it was my great great grandma's writing… LOL!!

  8. My Ancestry results were:
    [Europe 66%]
    Italy/Greece 29%
    Ireland 22%
    Europe West 8%
    Europe East 2%
    Iberian Peninsula 2%
    European Jewish less than 1%

    And my other half is
    [West Asia 34%]
    Middle East 21%
    Caucasus Mountains 13%

    I'm half Lebanese half White, so it was fascinating to find out I have mostly Greek/Italian heritage, which makes sense considering Lebanon has a Greco-Roman past. AncestryDNA is cool stuff.

  9. So interesting! You have more "Great Britain" than Louis. Louis is more Celtic than you! Loved your enthusiasm of genealogy! Please continue with your videos, recipes and the like!

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