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20 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Ancestry DNA results (part 2)

  1. slaves were mostly brought directly from africa to brazil before being transported to the Caribbean. its possible that native amazonians were enslaved and with africans and mixed during the slave trade.

  2. People are foolishly trusting too much these results though mtDNA and DNA Y-chromosome lineage are showing only 30 people of last 15 generations while in reality we have had total 65 534 ancestors during that period. How reliable are 30 of 65 534? Less than 0,05% of all ancestors. Think about if all those other 65 504 have been let's say Chinese?

  3. Would you be able to do a video on how to use dnaland.com? i made an account with them and uploaded my raw dna data, but that site is abit confusing, like i can’t find my genome ancestry data on the dnaland site…..

  4. The Arawakans who lived the Caribbean were broadly the same people as the Amazonians. At the time Puerto Rico was colonised, the Spanish dominions included Sardinia and half of Spain.

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