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I Failed My 23andMe DNA Test Kit

I Failed My 23andMe DNA Test Kit

I ordered a genetics testing kit from 23andMe about two months ago. I got it, submitted my saliva sample and hoped to the genetic testing gods that I would get my results by this time. And of course I just got an email from them the other day letting me know that I failed my DNA sample test kit. They sent me another one and here we are doing this again but this time, let’s do this right.

I’ll be doing a follow up video once I get the results back in two months.

*This video is not sponsored or paid for by 23andMe. I damn well paid for my kit out of my own pocket.

Final Update Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLyCjJBoCUg


20 thoughts on “I Failed My 23andMe DNA Test Kit

  1. Failed mine twice,also. Their first explanation was very technical and went over my head (I'm not a Bioscientist). Not sure what "not enough usable DNA" means. Aren't we all human? They offered a refund,however,the "REFUND" button doesn't work! Very disappointed!

  2. My Ancestry DNA test failed, too– mine was sent in late March-early April and I got the failure notice on May 3. I'm trying again, the test is at the lab, "processing" began on May 23. Fingers crossed!

  3. Just so you know try to rub the inside of your cheeks against your teeth before spitting: this will greatly increase the amount of DNA in the saliva.

  4. My wife's first DNA test with 23andMe didn't work and now we are waiting to see if her second sample will actually pass. I was lucky I guess because mine worked the first time around.

  5. People with Sjogrens don't have much saliva to donate. It was very hard to do and prefer the cheek swab method of collection. I did scrape my gums with my teeth in hopes that DNA would be given in the sample. I hoped it worked because it would be so disappointing to have it rejected due to not enough DNA to read.

  6. My 23andme DNA test failed also. They are sending a replacement kit. They do mention at their website that some people just don't have high enough concentrations of DNA in their saliva for testing purposes. I'll give it another shot before requesting a refund.

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