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my shocking test results…

my shocking test results…

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I finally got my DNA results back… and I’m nervous to see what they could be. My family has always told me stories about where we’re from – but the truth is in the results! Watch to find out the test says and comment below where your ancestry might be from!

I’m going to the OLYMPICS!! Watch my latest video all about it here: https://youtu.be/tJFk9dPdxO0

Watch the video where I take the 23 and Me test: https://youtu.be/dbrN0wjoH0M

Special thanks to my international friends who helped ask my trivia questions:

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25 thoughts on “my shocking test results…

  1. Tyler: who knows whats in my genes
    me: hmmm?
    Tyler: awkward laughter
    me: pulls down Tyler's pants
    sees Dan and Phil in his pants
    me: nooo
    Tyler: hehehe

  2. I’m not sure if I would do one of those DNA tests but my maternal grandmother told me that her grandmother was full blooded Native American so that makes me at least 1/64 Native American (at least if my math is right) which would explain a good bit of things about me

  3. I have not done the 23&me, but you and my grandfather have the same last name and Michigan similarities. So maybe there’s something there. That would be awesome!

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