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23andMe Ancestry: Rabbi Mort Oy Vey My DNA Revealed!!!

23andMe Ancestry: Rabbi Mort Oy Vey My DNA Revealed!!!

Rabbi Mort & Rabisa Summer reveal the 23andme y chromosome paternal and mtdna maternal DNA results for Rabbi Mort.


37 thoughts on “23andMe Ancestry: Rabbi Mort Oy Vey My DNA Revealed!!!

  1. The native american in your linage sure is cause your very long ago ancestry was from central asia who came to america and native american has lost many of these dna traits cause the isolation but until now still has traces of these very old central asia ancestres.

  2. well the palestinian and arab also middle eastern so the land are also theres so you can just claim the land look man we never kicked you out from any arab land you jews lived among us long long time some of you look like us and some are not there is always being jews here and you one of them from the start since 1400 you are the ones who started the war you jews just dont like anyone but yourselfs

  3. Or you are proudly Mizrahi!!

    Jewish history & its nurtured & loved Gemara & Torah, is largely BABYLONIAN and for a long time its Babylonian peoples dwarfed the populations in JUDEA./ Jerusalem, and Jewish peoples at that time.


  4. I am a Black American. I am not a member of the Hebrew Israelite Group in America.

    Let me make it clear. With most black Americans It is not about Rabbi Mort being a Jew or not being a Jew.

    its is about how most of the world do not to want admit that there are black people who are Hebrews.

    The Biblical Jews were not white. Biblical Jews married Africans women. Many black Hebrews lived in West Africa during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

    Lemba Tribe of Africa carry the DNA of the Hebrew Priest Hood.

    You must understand in America all the Jews they show in the media are white and all of the Egyptians they show on tv in America are light complexion. They will never show the Nubian who live in Egypt who look more like the black people in America.

    Now People are even trying to say the Ethiopians Jews are not really Jews.

    It is the black skin Hebrew/Jews who are being discriminated against.

    P..S Those black Hebrew Israelite you see standing on the street of America are PSYCHOS.
    They only represent those few within their CULT.

  5. Should've prayed that your apartheid state actually treats other human beings the way they want to be treated themselves, and not like how the Jewish people were treated in the past.

  6. shalom my brother and sister my parents are both ethnic afghan pashtuns and we are the weirdest in all the muslim world because when we are reciting the quran we rock our bodies and there is also some old traditions we follow due to our ancestry and the ancestry is israelite. My mom told me we pashtuns come from the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL and i was shocked when she told me that and it made sense due to us following a thing called pashtunwali which is basically old testment law and we follow that more than islamic law and do u guys know anything about pashtuns?

  7. How do you guy's feel having taking this test with the news that has come out about 23&me? They have lied on tests results & they sell your genetic make up to 3rd parties (who buy it from them). Which is pretty worrisome!
    YT strategically (& algorithmically) pushed these out to really young people about the same time within the last year. The sibling who owns the company 23&me actually works for YT shes the CEO. I just hope you're informed about how they use your genetic data. I'm interested if they gave you a free kit or discount to promote their DNA kit? I mean no offense, my daughter wanted to do one of these. I started doing research & found that 3rd party issue that's concerning. Thanks for being willing to do this & share. You're brave!

  8. Iran is located in. Middle East like Armenia but what you guys called middle east in America is 100% wrong like all of your geography is wrong. Iranian Dna test would be mentioned as Caucasians as the race of people are.

  9. that is interesting about the native american's because I am most northern north western European (Flanders), Scandinavian, Irish, Scots, and some British, but I had Native American because my grandmother was Cherokee, but what confused me was that i had 2 percent (i know a small amount but it was there) Semitic middle eastern genetics and i was scratching my head where it came from, maybe there some kind of connection with the Native American i guess.

  10. Rabbi, on 23andmeโ€™s reference populations, both Iran and Azerbaijan are included under โ€œMiddle Easternโ€, so I would say you are most probably have ancestry from those places.

  11. god bless you both..i love your dynamic..truly inspiring…still i knew when i saw you from the first video..you was a son of abraham in truth and spirit…love your vids..shalom…

  12. Rabbi had me cracking up at 8:35 LOL. Welcome to the tribe,…Brotha! LOLLL! I'm getting mine done soon! It was given to me as a gift. It will be on "I Need some Teeth" I hope you will watch! Kosher kisses and sh'vua tov!

  13. Ok here's the the truth middle East is a European term its north east African this man is strictly European Jewish is a man made term all these ppl are converts they are WHITE European ppl period

  14. I think at first glance it's quite obvious that you're ethnically a pretty pure blooded Semite of the Levant. I'm actually more surprised that "Ashkenazi" came up as I was always under the impression that Ashkenazi Jews are mostly Germanic in ethnicity.

    I'd be willing to bet money that you're more Mizrachi than Ashkenazi, yet the results come back as simply "Broadly middle eastern" instead of honing it down more specifically to your ancestral homeland.

  15. Wait a-minute, N. Africa would be Mauritania and Morocco therefore Mizrahim. Doesn't that mean he is Afro-West Eurasian (Slavic)? That places his ancestry in the second Jerusalem of Bessarabia (Russ). I have the same thing with my family tree.
    Yakut region with the Balkin is where Judaizers lived. Let open a discussion on this subject please because now you are hitting American settlement, Serfdom, Native American War and the Civil War. Understand, Russian/German settlement of the US and helping Lincoln to free the slaves. We're talking Mexico-California and the Vikings.

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